Offering Bowl


Bell & Dorje

We offer bell and dorje sets, double dorjes, dorjes, and phurbas in our Tibetan bells and dorjes section. The bell and dorje sets can be played by holding the bell in the left hand (the bell is always held in the left hand) and holding the dorje in the right hand. Place the dorje between the first finger and the thumb and make a clockwise circular motion with your wrist. As the sound of the bell resonates through the air, the bell and dorje balance the negative and positive energy and create harmony. Bells and dorjes are often used in feng shui to clear the space. Like tingshas, bells and dorjes can also be used at the beginning of a chanting session in order to clear the mind. Bell and dorje sets are the main ritual objects in Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism. The bell represents wisdom, (prajna in Sanskrit) and the dorje represents action (upaya).

The dorje is also called a vajra, and dorje stands for a diamond or a thunderbolt. This is because it is believed that a dorje, like a diamond, can cut through anything. Dorjes are symbolic of the ability to cut through ignorance. At the end of the dorje, there are two spheres. These spheres represent the lotus flower. One lotus flower represents samsara (the phenomenal world) while the other represents nirvana (the noumenal world). The double dorje symbol stands for pure consciousness, and awareness beyond conceptual thinking.


The phurba is a ritual dagger. It is a three-sided stake in which each of the three sides represent the three spirit worlds. The axis in the center of the phurba represents bringing the three spirit worlds together. The lower part of the phurba represents method, while the upper part represents wisdom. The phurba is used in Tantric Buddhism to ward off evil. The phurba is also often seen in depictions of Vajrakilla. None of the instruments in this section are actually sharp, and they cannot be used as weapons except spiritually.

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls are classic instruments and meditation tools in Tibet. Tibetan singing bowls are also known as Himalayan singing bowls. Singing bowls are widely used in spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, for meditation, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being, and religious practice. By rubbing singing bowls with a wooden or leather wrapped singing bowl striker while the singing bowl rests in your palm, the rim of the singing bowl vibrates to produce a calming sound (or hum). Each singing bowl comes with a striker (the stick for playing the singing bowl).

The Singing Bowl Shop specializes in authentic Tibetan and Nepalese handmade singing bowls, with a special focus on a large variety of singing bowls at a reasonable price. By hand-selecting each singing bowl, we offer the best quality singing bowls directly from the producers. Every singing bowl has its unique sound recorded. You can hear each singing bowl's sound before you place an order. Because our singing bowls are handmade, they sometimes vary slightly in design. We offer a free handmade wooden singing bowl striker with each singing bowl purchase.